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What can you do to improve maintenance with your Electric Motors? – oct. 4, 2019

Electric Motors

What can you do to improve maintenance with your Electric Motors? – oct. 4, 2019

Obviously anytime that you are working with vital and expensive metric motors it is extremely important to keep up with maintenance to try to extend the life and maintain a high efficiency. Being proactive in all aspects of your machinery can help pinpoint and discover issues that need to be taken care of. With electric motors you must keep in mind the speed of the rotations, control the torque and force, and always be working to protect your motors against any electrical overloads and malfunctions.

Predictive maintenance is an extremely beneficial way to maintain your electric motors. Things such as vibration analysis and infrared thermography can be great tools to be using. Both methods can help predict overheating, loose connections, unbalanced loads, and so much more. Downtime can result in thousands of dollars in lost production and can be detrimental. Make sure your motors are monitored with some sort of vibration analysis, infrared thermography, or a wireless remote vibration and temperature analysis. These methods will lengthen the motor life and assure long lasting efficiency alerting you in plenty of time if a failure is on its way!

Remember, as you are performing any maintenance at all, be sure to be constantly checking on the voltage and double checking that there is always enough ventilation!