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Customization – Sept 17, 2019

Customization – Sept 17, 2019

Here at Seipee North America we are committed to manufacturing the most efficient and cost-effective motors in the electric motor industry. As we work our way to becoming a leading firm in this industry it is important to note that within our facilities, we elaborate motors in compliance with our customers request.

We want to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations and work to do so no matter the request. Some of our special customizations include:

  • Forced Ventilation
  • Encoder
  • ATEX (for environments with potentially explosive atmospheres)
  • Roller Bearings / Insulated Bearings
  • Anti-Condensation heater
  • IP 23/54/55/56/65/66/68
  • Additional impregnation, dedication windings, tropicalization
  • Varnishing cycle C2H-C3H-C4H-C5H
  • Under accuracy rating tolerance
  • Shaft and double shaft
  • Resonated stator complement, etc.…

As always, we stand by our standard and customized motors! Looking for reliability, efficiency, and a price no other company can compete with? Give us a call today!!