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Our Approach on Bearings – Feb 2nd, 2021

Our Approach on Bearings – Feb 2nd, 2021

We all know the importance of the role bearings play in the functionality of your electric motors. The basic purpose and role of a bearing in an electric motor is to support/locate the rotor, keep the air gap small and consistent, and transfer the loads from the shaft to the motor. The bearings should be able to operate at low and high speeds whilst minimizing frictional loses. All bearings are specifically selected for use in electric motors. We prefer permanently lubricated rigid radial ball bearings with a double shield and one row of balls within several of our models including: JM 56-160, JMM 56-100, JMD 80-160, GM 160-250, as well as GMD 180-250. We also recommend in our GM 280-450 series, that the bearings be ones that can be relubricated. These motors are equipped with a lubricator so that the bearings can be periodically lubricated, and you may be able to remove the old grease.

A straight roller bearing can only be used when the bearing itself is subject to a constant radial load. Otherwise, the motor must be ordered with a ball bearing.

Remember! In some cases, different sizes of bearings than those described in our catalog may be installed on motors within the GM series. This will not affect the reliability and the durability of the motor. In any case, the characteristics of the bearings installed are always reported in the data on the nameplate.

All our bearing specifications for our standard motors are listed within our catalog. If you would like to receive a digital copy of it, please feel free to reach out to info@seipeena.com and we would love to be of further assistance!